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Getting Started with Connect.Me

This is an optional tutorial designed to show you what digital credentials are, and how using Connect.Me can simplify, speed up and secure your online interactions.

If you don't already have Connect.Me installed, download it now to your mobile phone.

The tutorial consists of three parts:

Part 1 - Faber College

Imagine you are just graduating at Faber College. Imagine they offered you a way to prove your transcripts digitally and anonymously, by offering you a cryptographic copy of your transcripts. To hold them, you first need a digital wallet like the one Connect.Me uses. Then, you will need to privately 'connect' with Faber College to receive your transcripts.

Part 2 - ACME Corporation

Say you want to apply for a job at ACME Corp- and naturally they are asking for a lot of personal information along with proof of your degree. First, as before, you add ACME Corp as a connection, and then over that secure relationship you can share proof of your transcript you received from Faber College!

Part 3 - Thrift Bank

Now armed with both your college transcripts and proof of employment in your Connect.Me wallet, say you want to apply for an auto loan at Thrift Bank. Thrift will ask you for proof of employment and salary, as well as some information contained in your college transcripts. Connect.Me will auto-fill the requested information and disclose it to Thrift Bank at your authorization. It is done privately, securely and within seconds.

The power of digital credentials done right is almost always understated. At Evernym we believe Connect.Me represents a way for individuals to truly, literally be at the center for their online interactions for the first time. All your verified information collected in Connect.Me stays with you. Built on Hyperledger Indy's open-source code, we aim to ensure you always remain 'self-sovereign'. That is, to be free to take your digital things and leave and use a different digital wallet app if you wish. That's the spirit of Self-Sovereign Identity! It's like being able to change your email provider, but take with you all of your data, contacts, history and even your same email address with you. You just change providers.

Welcome to the world of self-sovereign identity.